Watch: Die Antwoord's Freakish B&W Short Film 'Tommy Can't Sleep'

"Mom, I can't sleep. There's rats." You ain't never seen a short film like this before. Tommy Can't Sleep is a short film made by South African rappers Die Antwoord, also known as Ninja and Yolandi. The film stars their daughter, 16 Jones, as "Lil Tommy" and has a cameo appearance by Jack Black as "Big Tommy". It's a B&W short art directed by Roger Ballen, a photographer who has had a major influence on Die Antwoord. The story is about a kid who can't sleep because there are rats in his room. As described by Nylon, "it's all extremely Die Antwoord: twisted, terrifying, absurd, funny, outlandish." It will likely ruin your day - enjoy.

Description from YouTube: "Tommy Can't Sleep because there's rats in his room and his stupid fuckin dumb bitch mom doesn't believe him." Directed by ¥o-landi Vi$$er, part of Die Antwoord. Art directed by Roger Ballen, an American photographer living in South Africa who has inspired Die Antwoord's imagery all along. Starring Yolandi and Ninja's daughter 16 Jones as "Lil Tommy". Music by The Black Goat. For more info, visit the film's YouTube page. Thanks to tips from Nylon and Noisey. This seems to be something entirely unique and not connected to anything else besides the band. To see more shorts, click here. Your thoughts?